Little Vienna
City of Roses
The first European city to use electric street lighting
The first Romanian city with horse-drawn trams
European Capital of Culture 2023

Welcome to Timișoara,
European Capital of Culture 2023!

Timisoara is situated in the west of Romania, near the Serbian border, not far from Hungary and 600 km from the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

“Little Viena”, “The City of Flowers” or the City on the Bega River. All these names refer to Timișoara.

In Timișoara you will find the largest architectonic ensemble of historical buildings – a mix of diverse architectural styles, from Baroque, Art Nouveau and Secession.

The Roman Catholic Dome in Union Square

The Orthodox Cathedral in Victory Square

Little Vienna buildings in Victory Square

St. Mary and St. John of Nepomuk monument in Freedom Square

The Serbian Orthodox Episcopate in Union Square

A multicultural, open and friendly city

Timisoara is the largest city in the historic Banat region and an important economic center in the west of the country.

It is a multicultural city – here you will find many ethnic communities, such as German, Serbian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Italian and Greek, living in harmony and putting Timisoara on the map of Europe’s friendliest and most culturally open cities.

The strength of this city is its cultural diversity, which is why this year Timisoara proudly bears the title of European Capital of Culture.
You can find more about this cultural programme here.

Romania's "Little Vienna"

If you take the time to visit Timisoara, you will discover that it is a bohemian and charming city, with a special architecture and many historic buildings, built in the Baroque style, which earned it the title of “Little Vienna”.

We also recommend you to take a stroll through the neighborhoods of Timișoara because here you will find the real history of the city. For example, the Fabric district retains the imprint of ethnic diversity and German, Hungarian and Serbian influences – the houses are brightly colored and ornately decorated.

On the other hand, the Mehala or Freidorf district retains the features of traditional Swabian villages – large, street-fronted houses with lots of green spaces.
You can find more info about the main districts of the city here.

A special charm is given by the parks and green spaces stretching along the Bega canal and in all parts of the town. For this reason Timisoara has acquired the name “city of parks and roses”.

The first city to use electric street lighting

In 1884, Timisoara became the first city in Romania and the second city in the world (after New York) to use electric street lighting.


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Location for 27-28.10.2023

The Multifunctional Hall of the Timiș County Council is a modern and impressive building, located in the
central area of the city. The hall is equipped with advanced technology and a mobile
stage, high-performance sound and lighting system.

LOCATION for 29.10.2023

Located in the central area of Timisoara, just across the road from St. George’s Square,
Atlas Hotel is an original accommodation with a special identity.
Atlas Hotel means warmth, hospitality and positive energies!

Getting to Timișoara

By plane

Traian Vuia International Airport Timisoara is the third largest airport in Romania in terms of passengers, serving a population of 2.5 million inhabitants.

Since 6 January 2003, the airport bears the name of the Romanian inventor Traian Vuia, born in Timiș County.

Timisoara airport connects Timisoara with major cities in Italy (Venice, Rome, Milan, etc.), Germany (Dortmund, Frankfurt, Stuttgart), Greece (Zakynthos), UK (London), France (Paris) or Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia).

A smaller airport, located just 50 km from Timisoara, is Arad International Airport, but other nearby airports such as Sibiu or Oradea can also be considered.

By train

The city of Timisoara is an important railway junction in the west of the country.

In addition to the internal routes connecting the city to the rest of the cities and towns in the country, there are also several external routes to the following cities:

  • Budapest (Hungary)
  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Hanover (Germany)

By car

If you prefer to come by car to the conference, we recommend that you first consult the road network connecting the country you are travelling from to Timisoara.

The closest and most accessible European destinations to Timisoara by road are Belgrade, Serbia (2.5 h) and Budapest, Hungary (3.5 h).


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