Omnichroma Flow Bulk – TOKUYAMA

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is a low viscosity, light-curable, radiopaque resin composite for use in anterior and posterior restorations, indicated for all cavity classes. Speed, performance...
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myJunior kit – POLYDENTIA

myJunior kit is the first sectional matrix system for paediatric dentistry, especially developed to suit smaller deciduous and young permanent teeth. The kit offers child-friendly...
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Fuji Triage Capsule – GC

Fuji Triage -Radiopaque glass ionomer surface protection material for fissure , root surface, hypersensitivity prevention and control and intermediate endodontic sealing.

Equia Forte HT Capsule – GC

EQUIA Forte HT is a strong biocompatible long-term bulk fill restorative system (Fil & Coat) with enhanced mechanical properties, excellent handling and improved translucency, a...
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