VOCO Profluorid® Varnish Fluoride-Containing Dental Desensitising Varnish

VOCO The Dentalists

Product Description

Profluorid Varnish is a colophony-based varnish containing 5% sodium fluoride (22.600 ppm fluoride). The fluoride ion, together with the calcium ions accumulated in the tubules causes a precipitation of calcium fluoride, which effectively seals the tubules with over 85% rate of success after only one treatment with Profluorid Varnish. 

Is a tooth-shaded varnish, available in multiple pleasant flavours that helps to be very well accepted by children.

It is easy to apply being presented in two packages, single doses or cartridges, and another very important aspect is that it tolerates moist surfaces which becomes so helpful with children that have low level of compliance.