Matrx MDM Inhaler


Product Description

Matrx MDM inhaler

Featuring MATRX’s patented Auto-Compensating Flow and percentage mix option, the MATRX MDM is the only analog display mixer that automatically maintains flow when its mix percentage is adjusted and vice versa.

The equipment allows the user to adjust the percentage of oxygen and control the rate of oxygen and nitrous oxide.


  • inhalation device
  • stand
  • flask (3l)
  • inlet-exhaust hose
  • set of 3 autoclavable masks: S, M and L
  • connector between the device and the oxygen hose
  • connector between the device and the protoxide hose


  • disposable masks (various flavors)
  • Silhouette disposable masks


The advantages of MATRX by Parker/Porter:

  1. holds the first patent for inhalation devices
  2. specially designed for dentistry
  3. ISO-9001 certificate
  4. research leader for over 45 years

The MATRX MDM mixer is only intended for use by authorized medical personnel (dentist).