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Guided Enamel Regeneration of early carious lesions

CurodontTM Repair is the first biomimetic system to treat early caries by regenerating enamel. CurodontTM Repair offers an easy, pain-free and conservative solution to patients of all ages.

Its revolutionary Monomer-Peptide 104 technology is based on a simple peptide, made of naturally occurring amino acids. On application by dentists or dental hygienists*, it diffuses into the depth of early carious lesions within 5 minutes and self-assembles into a biomatrix, similar to the natural enamel matrix. The biomatrix then attracts calcium and phosphate ions from saliva to form hydroxyapatite, thus enabling Guided Enamel Regeneration within the lesion.

In German-speaking countries alone, CurodontTM Repair has been used to treat over 60,000 carious lesions in the last decade.