Caries removal gel – Papacárie | NEW – 3 ml syringe


Product Description

Caries removal gel – Papacárie

Package Contents: The box contains a 3ml syringe
Composition: Papain, Chloramine T, Blue coloring, Thickener, Stabilizer

Papacarie Duo usage protocol

1. Take a periapical or interproximal radiograph for diagnosis.
2. Clean the area to be treated with water.
3. Isolate with cotton swabs and suction.
4. Put the gel in a dappen cup or on the glove and then on the cavity with a curette.
5. Apply the gel and wait until the cavity becomes soft (between 30 and 60 seconds).
6. Scrape the altered dentin using a pendulum motion with a straight curette.
7. Reapply the gel as often as needed until all affected tissue is removed.
8. Check the texture of the remaining dentin.
9. Clean the cavity with water.
10. Perform the restore according to the normal procedure.
11. Take a check x-ray.

What is Papacárie?

Papacárie® is a product designed for dentists. It is an enzyme gel specially designed for atraumatic caries removal, without the use of anesthesia and reducing the need to use a turbine.

This gel is a harmless water-based material, totally safe for all patients, as it contains no toxic or irritating components. Papacarie® has been clinically tested and is safe for all patients, including young children and pregnant women.

Papa carie® is an enzyme gel with a selective base, i.e. it works only on caries-infected tissue and regenerates and remineralizes the tissue.

How does Papacárie work?

A single drop of Papacárie placed over the cavity softens it in less than 1 minute. This simple procedure allows it to detach from healthy dentin. Papacárie acts only on the infected tissue, leaving the healthy tooth intact.*

*Why doesn’t Papacárie remove healthy dentin?

“Papacárie acts only on infected dentine due to the absence of a plasma antiprosthesis, alpha1-anti-trypsin, which prevents its proteolytic action in tissues considered normal” Papacárie Gel: A new chemical-mechanical caries remover. Sandra Kalil et al. Journal of Dent Clinical Pediatrics 30(20): 115-120, 2005

Innovative product

Papacárie® is a revolutionary dental product that has been used in dentistry since 2003. Its main benefit is the removal of caries without any pain. Papacárie® offers a totally non-traumatic treatment, something that dentists strive to provide in the care of their patients.

Enzyme activity

The artificial activity of the bio-encapsulated papain (6,000 U / mg*) in Papácarie® only needs 30 seconds to 1 minute to dissolve any dental tissue that is affected by caries. The dental explorer and the mirror are used to apply and remove Papacárie® gel, but also the affected dentin. In most cases no perforation is necessary at all. Note that Papacárie® does not affect the dentin which has the ability to remineralize.

It only interacts with infected dentin

No other procedure or material saves healthy tooth tissue as much as Papácarie®. This guarantees you the best and gentlest treatment and healthy teeth for a long time with the least amount of restorative materials needed.

Avoids turbine and anesthesia

By eliminating the need for aggressive treatment involving a turbine and anesthesia, Papacárie® not only eliminates the fear of many patients, but also improves the entire dental treatment process. Tooth decay removal with Papacárie® is much faster and safer than current approaches. A patient’s multiple cavities can be treated simultaneously, reducing visit times and patient anxiety.

Natural and 100% non-toxic

Papacárie® is a patented formula (since 2003) using papain enzyme, which has been clinically tested in a wide range of different patients. It is 100% non-toxic and has no side effects. It has been shown to be safe for contact with the skin, eyes and other parts of the body and can be used on patients of all ages, even those with systemic diseases, disabilities or pregnant women. Papacarie® is good for the health of patients, but also for the environment.

No pain and no fear

Working with Papacárie® is in accordance with ART (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment) technique, WHO (World Health Organization) and IDF (World Dental Federation) recommendations.

Dedicated to the best dental care

We are dedicated to bringing the best in dental care through scientific innovation.

Papacárie is perfect for COVID-19 safety protocols.

Using Papacárie to remove cavities is now more beneficial than ever. Caries removal with papain gel avoids the use of a turbine and therefore the creation of aerosols, which are the main source of contagion.